Thursday, February 19, 2009

Woodpecker Valentine in the Garden

How would you like to wake up on Valentines Day to "Happy Valentines Day Honey! Can you do something with that woodpecker of yours"? Groggy eyed I said "Now that's what I'm talking about!" She said, "Hold on mister". I said "OK". And then I woke up... If only I heard what I thought I heard, what a glorious start to my day it would have been.

Our conversation went something like this: "Did you hear that little pecker pounding on the house"? "No. I was having a great dream". "When it got done with the house it moved over to the tree. Did you hear it peck on the tree'? "No. I was still in the middle of that great dream". "Well look outside. Look what that little woodpecker did to our house and tree! Can you get rid of it"?

So out the door we went ... hoping dreams to be finished later. "Show me what you are talking about"? There was the damage with no bird in site. Nice job. Oval shaped holes coming to a point on the inside. Uggg! Just what I wanted to do today; plug some holes with wood putty. Sand, stain and seal the molding. Fill the hole in the tree and let the wound heal over on its own. Lastly the solution; hang an Owl from the eve of our log home to scare off the Woodpeckers.

And yes, the romantic dinner, wine and dessert were out of this world. Some men thank their lucky stars ... I thanked my little woodpecker friend instead.
For if you peck, you will receive....
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Brown Sugar said...

That's so interesting! I didn't know owls scared woodpeckers! In Calgary our trees are so hearty, I doubt a woodpecker could do that much damage. :o) I love the sounds they make and am always startled and appreciative!

Cindy H