Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decorating the Garden...just in time for...

At this time of year we see many people rushing into the nursery looking for ways to decorate their garden, entrance, patio or deck just in time for... a graduation, wedding, weekend party or even the July 4th barbecue.

An easy solution to the garden pick me up are patio floral arrangements. These are ‘Grab and Go’ collections of beautiful annuals and perennials have been grown in decorative containers for immediate pickup. A pair placed outside the front door to your home will create an inviting welcome sign setting a festive mood. A group containers; perhaps one large and two smaller placed in a grouping on a patio or deck can easily dress up a corner. Or even a smaller simple one toned container can dress up an outdoor dining table setting the tone for a fabulous meal.

If you are into big and bold, instantaneous color try this simple solution. Take a large hanging basket, place it on an end table or plant stand. Take off the hanger and instantly convert the arrangement to a table top wonder of color.

Have you ever wondered how your neighbors created immediate color in their gardens? You know those huge hanging baskets at the nursery? Take a couple, slide them out of the pot, plant them right into the ground, feed, water and Whala! Instant color and neighborhood envy.

So there you have it. Simple, easy and fun gardening solutions that make creating a beautiful atmosphere for any party a piece of cake. Get ready for that festive time of year, summer.

Enjoy your garden, decorate with color and watch your party come to life!