Saturday, January 9, 2010

Working on my own garden design ... the most difficult of all projects!

Designing for others is easy because I can take my emotions out of the picture. Designing for myself is most difficult because my emotions cramp my style. So here I am. The garden design is back in mind. Can you understand why? Frances and I say we're tired of looking out the window and seeing the YMCA. Well its winter and those evergreen trees I took down; their dying branches were far better to look at than the stark view of a brick building. So what's up with this part of the garden?
Here's my response playing out in my mind. Sometimes you have to live with something for awhile before it hits you and you say "That's it! Now I know what to do!" I lived with the garden through the fall; now through the winter and believe it or not spring is right around the corner.
Not to confuse the issue: This view looks from our bedroom over our secret garden (not so secret) through the downed trees and provides a great view of the road traffic.
Tomorrow I'm going to do a walk through the area and take some more photos. Let's look at the surrounding gardens and how to tie them in to this make over. Gotta sleep on this some more...