Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs at Grossmans Garden & Home

You are personally invited to attend
An Extraordinary Private Appearance by...

Friday, May 1st from 3 - 8pm
for a Private Appearance for you, and only you, our special customers.
This is a golden oppurtuntity to experience the whimsical spirit of these two world renowned artists launching their brand new company. Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs' new creations include dinnerware, pottery, urns, candles, lamps, rugs & more. Thier new jewelry line features unique designs infused with fun, fancy & color! Victoria and Richard are also making available very special 'one of a kind' creations from their personal collection. This is your chance to be 'up close & personal' with Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs while they sign purchases made only at this event.
Open to the public Saturday May 2nd at 9am
1801 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd, Penfield, NY 14526
Mon-Fri: 9 to 7. Sat & Sun: 9-6

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do I feed my lawn?

Do you want to know what I feed my lawn? The answer: Jonathon Green products; Organic or 4-Step Programs. The reason: Frances and I love a lush lawn. The real reason: we look at our grass and feed it the right percentage of nutrients at the right time to grow a great lawn the whole year.
Quick information about the numbers on the bag; they represent three nutrients and the percentage of each in the bag. Nitrogen for top growth, Phosphorous for root growth and Potassium for general health. So let's take a look at the ingredients in the bags of Scotts and Jonathon Green.

Scotts Lawn Pro 4 step Program.
Nitrogen 32,29,29,31% Roughly the same amount in every application. Does your lawn grow at the same rate all year; or does it slow down in the summer and fall? If you say it slows down read below.
Phosphorous 3,3,3,3% The same amount in every application. Roots need to be be fed and grow differently during the year; read below.
Potassium 8,3,4,10% More plant health provided at the beginning and end of season. If you want a healthier lawn all year; read below.

Jonathon Green Lawn Program
Nitrogen 22,26,18,10% My grass starts to grow in April 22%, speeds up in May-June 26%, slows down in July-August 18% and goes to sleep in October-November 10%. See the numbers go up and down? If your grass grows like mine; use Jonathon Green.
Phosphorous 4,3,0,18% My grass grows some roots in April 4%, grows about the same in May-June 3%, goes dormant (green, not brown) in July-August 0% and in the fall I push roots to grow deep to prepare the grass for the winter 18%. If you want your grass to withstand summer drought and produce deep roots to carry the lawn through the winter; use Jonathon Green.
Potassium 4,6,3,20% My grass wakes up with good plant health in April 4%, needs a bit more when it is growing the fastest in May-June 6%, needs less when it is hardly growing in July-August 3%, and is incredibly healthy when it goes dormant in the fall with 20%. If you want your grass to be strong and healthy as it prepares for winter; use Jonathon Green.
If you want better control of crab grass; use Jonathon Green step one with Dimension. And as an added bonus Jonathon Green is less expensive than Scotts.

Stop in and talk to Barry Green, the owner of Jonathon Green this Saturday April 25th, from 9am-3pm. Talk turf, get in the know and grow a great lawn!
see you in the nursery...Larry G

Friday, April 10, 2009

Roll me another...in the Garden

No matter what they say, my wife loves a lush lawn and don't I know it. So if I can stay ahead of the curve and get the yard work done I believe she will love me even more.
To roll or not to roll...that is the question. We roll and aerate the lawn every year. It smooths out the winter mole/vole tunnels and freeze thaw bumps. The aeration allows for the lawn to cycle soil to the surface while loosening up the soil to allow the roots to expand again.
Next, I love Jonathon Green 4-step products. They feed the lawn the right amount of nutrients when the grass need them. None of this 29-32% nitrogen level in each bag all the time like the national Sc_tts product slams out. J Green provides the right ratio of N-P-K at the right time that makes my life easier by growing grass the way it wants to grow.
So if I love Jonathon Green lawn products and my grass loves the results and my wife sees the results of a lush lawn, I know she loves me too.
Bottom Line: A lush lawn,,,gets me a lot of lovin' too.