Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Putting Your Garden to Sleep

Just take small steps.... That is what I said while looking from one side of the garden to the other. So much to do... So with small steps here is my list of accomplishments:
  • Cut back the sedum to the ground; even though they look great in the winter.
  • Cut back all those great 'Knock Out' Roses to 18"; then thinned them out to create a uniform branching structure.
  • Cut back Daylilies to the ground just before they turned brown. They are easy to cut back while they are standing up and the debris rakes off easily.
  • Lightly prune shrubs so they keep their shape. In my next post check out an article about pruning that I wrote for a trade magazine.
  • Pull all left over Annuals and rake out the debris.
  • Gather, drain, wind up, tie up and hang all garden hoses in the shed.
  • Drain the two fountains and cover them to prevent freezing.
Next beautiful day.... garden tasks to accomplish:
  • Prune shape and thin many shrubs.
  • Apply Jonathon Green Organic Fertilizer to the planting beds. This will gently feed our plants and keep them in good vigor.
  • Apply 'MoleMax' to keep Moles and Voles from tunneling in the garden. Remember to apply this product every 4-6 weeks. As an organic control it keeps the critters out by making their skin itchy.
  • Start tree pruning....
See my next post for a great article and / or check out my next pruning class and I will see you in person. Don't forget to bring a list or samples of plants you want to learn how to prune.

See you in the garden... Larry

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