Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mud, Moles and Mess in the Garden...

So the snow is gone and Frances says "Hey honey check out our gardens". So boots on feet, hood on head, I'm out there looking in the gardens...and for what? She didn't have to tell me, I already knew. Moles and Voles in the beds and on the edge of the lawn. So like a good gardener I mush down the tunnels, check a few perennials where the tunnels have lead to, and push some mulch/soil/mud under a few plants to fill in the voids. Then it's off to the shed to break out the MoleMax. As a natural organic repellent, I spread it in the areas where I see tunnels never having to worry that the dogs might want to go snooping around there too.

So take a break from your favorite book or seed catalog. Check out your gardens before the next snow fall and spread a little MoleMax to fend off the moles and voles. Your plants will love you, you'll give your husband something to do (sorry guys), and you can go back to nesting for the rest of the winter.

See you in the nursery for a class or two.... stay warm....Larry

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