Monday, November 9, 2009

Help Me Design My Garden!

Help Me Design My Garden!
HELP! Here' the action and reaction. ACTION: I cut down deseased Austrian Pines that looked ugly. REACTION: Frances couldn't beleive the massive view she could now see of the YMCA. REACTION: Whats my plan? Darn it! I dont have one. i thought i could wing it! I always say "Plan, Prepare, Plant " I Prepared by cutting down dying trees I hated to see. I did not Plan to Plant until spring 2010. What am I to do? Let me know what you think? HELP ME CREATE since that is what I do for you my customers everyday. The best idea gets a free consultation from me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
I found your blog while exploring your website and looking for p/t employment. Before responding I drove by Grossmans to try to get some additional insight into your planting dilemma. But your house was set so far back from the road I can only make some general assumptions about your garden (nice home location by the way).
Assumption #1 - the view in the photo is the view seen from a window.
Assumption #2 - its been almost 2 months since you posted this article and by now you may be used to the open view and not wishing to block it entirely.
Assumption #3 - there is much going on in the background, a large trellis (cedar?), a planting urn next to.... is that a chair? So my assumption here is that you do not want to hide all this from view, just add interest to the area.
Assumption #4 - and since its been 2 months, and you are Larry Grossman, a concise plan has already been formulated. I will do my personal best as an landscaper wanna be to address your view issue, and throw in the disclaimer that actual location of the plants would require a thorough understanding of the garden and its relationship to your house, and the other garden accent items you have in the area.
Okay, so here is my humble suggestion. Larry you are a busy guy, so no large deciduous trees for you here. I suggest White Cedar perhaps in the same positions as the Austrian Pines or further out away from the house. Several Mugo Pine and Gold Coast Juniper (placed for maximum aesthetic benefit) with perhaps a Cotoneaster or two. And to tie it all together a carpet of Periwinkle interplanted with Daffodil and Tulip bulbs. I can Imagine Frances looking out at drifts of daffodils and forgetting all about what was once seen out that window.
Happy New Year Sir!

Larry Grossman said...

Thanks for the comments and advice. Now that the holidays have pasted, I'm on the design portion of this project. It's taken some time to create a solution. I just knew I didn't want to see the dying trees any longer. I never realized the impact without them. Though I usually create a solution before dismantling a garden, I should have followed my own advice. But winter was setting in and that was my excuse to stop the project in mid stride. More posts and ideas to follow.... Larry

EcoMargie said...

I will suggest the obvious - some sort of evergreens, planted to look natural, and not all in a row. Perhaps, also some wood fencing you might cover with Clematis vines, etc. The kind of wood fencing where you can see through from the side, because from the top the slats are spaced -_-_-_-_ .
Best of luck,