Friday, November 4, 2011

Every year in October, Larry & I escape to our ‘secret place’ in the Adirondacks for a week of much needed R & R.  When you put two tree loving, passionate gardeners in a car driving into the Adirondacks during peak color season, things are bound to get exciting between us. I think everyone feels a new sense of exhilaration while enjoying Mother Nature performing her symphony of color.  We eagerly look forward to this week like kids, and absolutely relish our time away together from the chaos of society, electronic media, work demands and anything else. I’m sure you know the feeling. The silence and beauty is so piercing, the world just seems to stop. We take the opportunity to renew ourselves by reading, hiking, biking, kayaking, and any activity which ends in ‘ing.’ For example, when we kayak, temperatures may hover from 40-50 degrees. My honey bundles me up and packs me into the kayak. So, Mr. Outdoors knows I prefer to hug the protection of the shore. He lets me go at my pace paddling sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I quickly warm up and may even tucker out. He knows just when to say, “Honey, why don’t you take a rest and let me show you a few things.” We don’t just see trees, rocks and birds. We have come to enjoy seeing Mother Nature’s traditions at this time of year. Realizing our family traditions are right around the corner.

Now back to reality. It is astonishing how soon the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving seems to be knocking at our door. Isn’t it enough just to catch up from vacation? Since I cannot slow down time, and it seems to accelerate more as we mature, facing the holidays is what I do; and I will do in earnest. Thanksgiving and beyond, I am grateful to have the memories and traditions from my family growing up. My parents made sure they were big celebrations. Cooking, baking, setting the table, decorating indoors & outdoors and gift giving involved the whole family; everyone!   Though I infuse something new into our preparations, I always find comforting how my childhood traditions weave their way into our holidays. I welcome them because they allow me to languish in past moments. Just as time stands still when we visit the Adirondacks, I love when it happens every year during the holiday. Those memories alongside the family activities of this year’s holidays make me thankful for the gifts the land bestows upon us with her beauty and bounty. It is now time to celebrate with family and friends this simple abundance.

Larry and I wish you and your family all the simple abundance you have to celebrate.
.... Frances Grossman

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