Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What do I do first...in the garden?

I have been told I have a lot to say. Certainly if you listen to our radio show on Saturdays http://www.grossmans.com/wham.asp you would concur with Frances and say he may have too much to say. As if the radio was not enough, today marks the beginning of what will be many postings. The question what do I do first has me perplexed when I think about this blog. So I will just start and see where this takes me. The obvious I know: the subjects are endless when it comes to gardening. We all know there is so much out there on the web to read about. So why read this?

Here is my answer. This blog will allow me to respectfully tell you, show you, teach you, and coach you about the good, bad and ugly gardens, garden techniques, garden design, garden installation, pruning and general maintenance I have seen over the past 24 years when I first established Grossman's Country Nursery in 1984. I will share with you our gardens and the gardens of others. I will not identify you, but beware I may take a before and after photo only for you to say "Hey, that's my place!"
So sit back, relax and enjoy...and don't forget to tell me what you think.

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