Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick List of Spring Garden Project Update

Last Week Completed
Lawn Projects:
Rolled Lawn to smooth out the bumps.
Aerated Lawn to allow the roots room to grow.
Applied Jonathon Green Step One for lawns because ‘Frances loves a lush lawn…and don’t I know it!’

Garden Projects:
Raked out all left over leaves from the gardens.
Lightly pruned some shrubs.
Cut back ornamental grasses.
Sprayed all weeds with an herbicide using a two gallon pump sprayer.
Applied Corn Gluten to control new weed seedlings.

This Week To Be Done:
Garden Projects:
Take out the Hemlock the rabbit ate.
Plant ‘PJM’ Rhododendron as replacements.
Get a larger ‘Havahart’ trap for the rabbit to live in.
Plant Cotoneaster to frame the Serviceberry feature tree.
Mulch new gardens.
Fertilize the large evergreen trees in the back yard.
Broadcast organic fertilizer though out the remaining gardens to gently feed.

Remember to always look back and admire what you accomplished. Remember the reason why there is always something to do in the garden: to help you escape from your day to day routine.

See you in the nursery. Bring your list…

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